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Create a Comfortable Space by Adding Lutron Automated Shades

Lutron automated shades installed on the windows of a living room of a luxury home

Smart Shading Solutions Make Your Home Environment More Pleasant, Attractive, and Energy-Efficient

Are you looking for innovative and attractive solutions to make your home more energy-efficient and comfortable? While there are many options that help you create a luxurious living space, few things beat the features offered by smart home automation, specifically a motorized shading system. 

In luxury homes, automated shades offer hassle-free control, comfort, beauty, value, and so much more. Lutron’s smart shading is the perfect example of an essential component that fits well into modern living spaces. Read on to learn the top benefits of adding motorized window treatments to your Greenwich, CT, home. 

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Simplified Control

Do you struggle to lower or raise the shades that are situated behind furniture or in hard-to-reach windows? And when you can reach them, you have to deal with tangled cords and obtrusive rods. With Lutron’s motorized shades, you’ll never have to worry about such things again. 

Instead, control the shades in your room or the entire house with a single button press using the Lutron smartphone app or your smart home tablet. You’ll effortlessly open or close the shading system with one touch, whether you’re in the room, another part of your house, or even miles away. 

Reduced Energy Consumption

While a solar panel system is an excellent way to reduce your home’s energy consumption, a smart shading solution is another way to lessen your electric bill. Also, it’s less expensive and complex. When you sync the Lutron’s motorized shades to your HVAC system, you’ll enjoy better cooling and heating of your home. For instance, Lutron’s Quantum Hyperion solar-adaptive software automatically adjusts the Sivoia QS shading system to the changing position of the sun, which saves energy, reduces glare, and limits heat gain.

Peaceful Mornings & Relaxing Evenings

Do you get annoyed by the sound of a blaring alarm clock in the morning? Anyone can be in a bad mood if they wake up to loud noise. But when you have Lutron shades, you can enjoy peaceful mornings by waking up to natural sunlight. Preset the shading system to open when it’s time for you to wake up to experience the warm morning sun through your windows. And in the evening, set them to automatically lower to create a relaxing atmosphere as you wind down at the close of day. 

Hazard-Free Solution for Kids and Pets

Generally, window treatments come with cords. Not only are they cumbersome but dangerous when you have kids or pets at home, because they pose a choking risk. But Lutron’s motorized shades come with a cordless design that makes them kid- and pet-friendly. They operate via a quiet motor that safely raises and lowers them with ease. 

Are you ready to add motorized window treatments to your residential space? Rich AV Design is a certified Lutron dealer and offers the best shading solutions in Greenwich, CT. Get in touch today to start your project. Call us at (203) 653-5025 or fill out an easy contact form to get more details.

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