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Make Video Conferencing Easy and Fun with a Savant Zoom Room

A Savant and Zoom Conference TV.

Take Your Home Office to the Next Level with Automated Video Conferencing

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, between 2019 and 2021, the number of people working from home tripled from about 9 million to 27.6 million. Our unplanned experiment in working from home has clearly changed the modern workforce, and remote work is undeniably here to stay. 

So, how do we make the best of this work-from-home model? Manufacturers stepped up to the plate, providing technology to make video conferencing from home professional, collaborative, and incredibly easy. Better cameras, microphones, and cloud-based software have made working from home much more accessible, enabling clear communications with clients, employees, and fellow team members.

At Rich AV Design, we integrate the latest technology and automated solutions to provide our clients with customized solutions that are fun, easy to use, and enhance the quality of their lives. To accomplish this, we partner with leading brands in the industry, such as Savant. 

Let’s look at the advances that Savant has made in video conferencing solutions for homes in Norwalk, CT, and the surrounding areas.

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3 Handy Tips for Successful Video Conferencing at Home


Conduct Effective Video Meetings from Home with the Right AV Solutions

Much of the workforce in Darien, CT, and around the country have turned to temporary work-from-home operations amid the health crisis, which makes communicating with your staff and clients more important than ever. Now that work meetings are conducted virtually, we want to help you create an optimal work-from-home environment with the right AV solutions so that you and your team can meet and work successfully.

Below are three tips for smoother and more efficient video meetings from home. Use these guidelines for your own at-home setup and pass them along to your staff to ensure every team member is ready to master video conferencing in the future.

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