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Give the Gift of Sound with a Whole House Music System


Get Ready for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day with Rich AV Design

It’s almost that time of year to honor our parents with a shower of love, some quality time, and perhaps a nice gift. Rich AV Design would love to help you prepare by giving you some ideas on how to use music for the special days, as well as some gift options. Whether you make breakfast for your mom at your Stamford, CT home, or you throw a big party for your dad on the patio, our team can help you along the way as you plan.

What Speaker Setups are Possible in a Whole House Music System?


Rich AV Design Explores Speaker Configurations for an Integrated Listening Experience

With the increase in availability of digital music we’re inclined to want music everywhere. Yet, often times it seems impossible to have music in every room of the home. Have you ever wished it were possible to stream Pandora in one room while listening to iTunes in another?  Rich AV Design has the perfect solution for you – a whole house music system!

Rich AV Design can help create the perfect atmosphere for entertaining, with a whole home audio distribution system. From Greenwich to New Canaan and everywhere in-between we are ready to turn your home into the ultimate space for entertaining and enjoying everyday activities.

With a whole home audio system you can play music from a single source across multiple rooms, or from several sources simultaneously. Yet multi-room audio systems don’t have to include the same setup in every location. For most clients, a hybrid system of wired and wireless solutions might work best. The team at Rich AV Design understands that each room of your home has very specific needs.

Rich AV Design Explores Surround Sound Options


What speaker setup works best in a multi-media room?

At Rich AV Design,we know that there are few things more luxurious than experiencing a movie the way Hollywood intended, especially when your front row seat is your own media room! Thus, the compliment to a crisp clear picture, is crisp clear sound. Whether the rumbling of an avalanche from an action movie set in the Swiss Alps or the dramatic orchestra crescendo of emotional music playing when two lovers reunite – you deserve to hear it all.

With years of experience configuring media rooms and home theaters in  New York City, Greenwich, Stamford, and Fairfield CT, Rich AV is determined to be your resource for all of your integrated entertainment solutions, including whole house music. Want to know what options there are for an audio distribution solution that creates a more engaging cinematic experience for the entire family? Grab the popcorn and let’s get started.




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