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3 Ways Motorized Window Treatments Make Your Home Life Easier

Dark shades lowered in a bedroom with two lamps and two chairs on either side of the bed.

Experience Increased Control and Wellness with Smart Shading Solutions

Your home should be a place you can relax after a long day of work. It shouldn’t be a source of more stress. Smart home technology was created to simplify daily life and make home management easier. Motorized window treatments are popular because of their easy controls, automation, and even health benefits. Check out these three reasons to install motorized window treatments in your Greenwich, CT home.

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1. Easy and Remote Control

Manually opening and closing all the shades in your home is a chore - especially if you have many windows! Instead, with motorized shades, you can open and close them all at the touch of a button. It’s easy to control your shades with a remote, tablet, smartphone app, or wall panel. Also, when you control your window treatments in a room, all of them rise and lower in unison and perfect alignment, making your home look beautiful and sophisticated.

If you integrate your shades with a smart home automation system like Savant or Crestron, you’ll be able to control them even when you’re home. For example, if you forgot to close your blinds, simply open your home automation app to close them. Additionally, if you’re away on a trip, you can adjust them to make it appear like your home is occupied.

2. Automate Your Shades

Motorized shades from brands like Lutron allow you to automate your shade’s position by setting scenes. For example, they can automatically open in the morning to let in the sun and close in the evening to give you privacy. Some shades operate based on heat and light sensors, raising and lowering independently when triggered. With shades like those, you don't have to lift a finger to adjust them! 

3. Increased Wellness

Natural light has numerous health benefits. It gives you necessary Vitamin D, which can protect against certain diseases and promote bone growth. Exposure to sunlight will also improve your mood, increase productivity, and help you sleep better at night. Automate your blinds to open during the day so you can soak up the sun. Then, if it gets too hot or you need some privacy, close them at the touch of a button. 

You don’t need to wrestle with hard-to-manage manual blinds to let in some natural light. Motorized window treatments provide the luxury of opening all the shades in one room at the touch of a button, and they’ll always look uniform. Rich AV Design is your local Greenwich, CT Lutron dealer and has experience installing motorized shades that will elevate your lifestyle and your home’s design. Contact us today to get started on your shade installation and experience the luxury, control, and health benefits that motorized shades can provide.

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