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3 Ways to Upgrade Your Media Room Design


New Media Room Trends Offer Convenience and Quality

We saw a myriad of new trends in early 2017 at CES at tradeshows like CES, and smart home technology is only getting better and better every season. In our last blog, we talked about the benefits of hiding your TVs and speakers in a media room. By incorporating smart home technology into your interior design you give your living spaces that extra wow factor. In this article we are going to focus more on the high-tech features you can include in your media room design that will boost your picture quality and user experience. Keep reading to learn more.

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According to USA Today, Sony was “fashionably late to the OLED party.” They just recently announced a new 4K OLED TV model that is already getting rave reviews. Why is OLED important? In a nutshell, it helps produce blacker blacks, whiter whites, and also reduces the amount of energy the TV needs to operate. For a long time, LG and Panasonic were the primary producers. But this year big names like Sony are joining the competition. Their new Bravia models not only have OLED technology but are also super thin and still produce amazing sound. This news will likely be music to the ears of interior designers. The new model has a 4K High Dynamic Range X1 processor that improves non-4K video as well. HDR allows for more colors and deeper hues on 4K video. So if you want to upgrade your TVs to 4K, OLED, and HDR but still enjoy the sleek interior design of your media room, let us know. The newest models available are thinner, brighter, and more dynamic.

Voice Controls

Now that voice control (namely, Amazon Alexa) has taken the home automation world by storm, it's no surprise that TV providers have taken notice. Dish Network announced that their Dish Hopper service will be the first to sport full Alexa-compatibility. That means you can find your favorite channels, shows, and actors by simply speaking them aloud to the Echo, Dot, or Tap in the room. Say, “Alexa, find Robin Williams movies” and the TV will search for any titles with him in it. Voice control will most certainly revolutionize your entertainment experience.

Expanding Immersive Audio

For audiophiles, the biggest change in media technology over the past few years has been the emergence of immersive audio. The format allows listeners to experience their sound as if it's coming at them from all angles. Its' already changed the way we listen to our favorite movies, and now it can possibly have even more impact on our home audio.

First, manufacturers are producing receivers capable of streaming high-resolution sound. High-res is sort of like 4K UHD for your ears. New receivers are also beginning to support even more channels, so you may not be limited to a 5.1.2 system.

Do you want to upgrade your media room’s audio video or add voice control to the room? Contact us online and we’ll nail down exactly what you want in a smart home.

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