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Why do I Need a New Network in My Smart Home?

3 Reasons Why Your Home Needs a Professional Network Installation

Why do I Need a New Network in My Smart Home?


Have you ever lived in a big city with a lot of traffic? Often these areas have problems because the highways can’t support the massive population. There just aren’t big enough roads to facilitate all that travel into the city. No only do you need a bigger highway, but more ways of getting to the destination. The same thing happens when you own a smart home but have a standard wireless internet connection. Why is that? In this blog we are going to explain why you need a new home network—just from living in a smart home in the Greenwich, CT area.



The Network Highway

Using our analogy, the highway represents the wireless internet connection and your smart devices and control system are the points that need to touch. Without enough bandwidth, your smart devices can’t communicate with the controls or each other because they get stuck in traffic so to speak. There’s not enough room for them to get there fast enough. 

Most standard American homes have a router and modem so they can use a computer or two, their smartphones, and stream TV shows or music. But those devices don’t take up as much space as a connected home does. Add in more TVs (4K takes up more space too), more smart speakers, motorized shades, lighting….and at the end of the day your home has become a major highway of information. 

The Solution

The solution is a professional-grade home network installed by an automation expert like us. Here are some bullet points why this matters:

  • A professional can analyze your home and calculate how much bandwidth and internet speeds you need to make the smart system work at its prime.

  • A professional can assess the layout of your home and place your modem and router in the exact location it needs to be to perform perfectly.

  • A professional can provide the high-quality components and tools necessary to make the network operate smoothly. 

  • A professional can fine-tune all of your smart devices, including lighting, shades, security, home theater, and more so that they all communicate with each other efficiently. 

  • A professional knows how to overcome structural challenges, like large trees, thick walls etc. to help your network meet all of it’s demands. 


Rich AV Design offers many services specifically tailored to meet your unique needs. In a nutshell, we guarantee your smart home will perform at its best with our networking solutions. You’ll be able to say goodbye to frustrations with slow internet speeds, frozen TV screens, and disconnections. 


To choose a quality wireless solution, contact us online. Let us know what you need and we will customize your network.