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A Window Treatment for Every Room

Which shade should I put in each room of my home?

A Window Treatment for Every Room


Sometimes too many options can be overwhelming. Have you ever stared at an aisle full of greetings cards and wondered which one should I pick? From cards to houses and even cereal flavors, often picking just one is difficult. The best way to make a decision is to consider what is available and then ask for assistance from an expert—especially when it comes to technology. In this blog we are going to be your guide in choosing a window treatment for every room in your Darien, CT home. They don’t all have to be the same! You can make them all uniform or uniquely different. Stick around after the jump for more.



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The Living Room

Since you likely spend most of your time in common areas like the living room and need to let in a lot of light, it’s best to install solar shades. Lutron’s solar shades have a special UV-ray resistant coating so only the light travels through the material, not the harmful effects of the sun. Not only will you be protecting your furnishings, but you will also be able to maintain privacy. You can lower the solar shades in the middle of the day while you are on the couch reading and you’ll still have enough light without worrying about getting sunburned or damaging your beautiful leather sofa. Roller shades would be the perfect choice for a living room. 

The Master Bedroom

Have you ever wanted to sleep in or take a nap during the day but the light was interfering with your ability to catch some z’s? Lutron’s blackout shades block the light 100 percent. You won’t see any light creeping through the cracks because Lutron shades are installed so close to the wall that light can’t escape through the crevices. You can choose just a blackout shade for your bedroom if you think that’s all you will use, but if you still want protection from the sun, we can install a double roller application. That means you can have the best of both worlds and bring down a solar shade during the day and a blackout shade at night all in the same window. If you want a more traditional aesthetic, pick a motorized drapery over a roller shade.

The Home Theater / Media Room

Dedicated home theaters still perform the best when there’s no sunlight in the room. Yes there are many projectors today that look beautiful even when all the windows are open, but your screen will always look best in the dark. If you have windows in your private cinema, choose blackout shades. The openness factor should have a percentage of zero, which means absolutely no light will filter in. 

What if you have a multi-purpose media room? You won’t necessarily need a blackout shade. But keep in mind that you’ll need special screen that can perform in bright light, like the Black Diamond screen by Screen Innovations for example. 

The Home Office

Your main concern with installing window treatments in a home office will be preventing glare. We recommend an openness factor between five and 10 percent so some light can still stream in, but it won’t affect how you see the computer screen. If the openness factor percentage is higher, you’ll also be able to see outside easier, and that could also improve your mood throughout the day while working. 

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