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What is the Best Way to Enhance Your Smart Home Experience?

Our Service Plans Ensure You Get the Best Results from Your Technology

What is the Best Way to Enhance Your Smart Home Experience?

As you bring smart technology into your Darien, CT home, one of the benefits of a professional installation is having someone available to help you with your system down the line. Every technology solution deserves service and support to solve issues quickly before they become a serious problem. Even with the best installations, smart home technology benefits from constant upkeep to add the latest upgrades and maintain components for long periods.

At Rich AV we make it a priority to offer constant support to our clients through our service plans. However, even those that do not sign up for a monthly plan can reach out for help and receive in-home support during business hours depending on scheduling availability. Explore our monthly plans below to find out which might be the best fit to maintain and service your smart home technology.

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Essentials +

You can start with our basic package that costs $29 a month and offers 24/7 basic support, guaranteed 30-minute response time, and advanced support Monday-Friday. Each hour of advanced support costs $160/hour. Regularly, we recommend this one for clients that do not have too many essential smart home technology components and can wait for a response in case of any issues.


If you have any issues on the weekend, you can benefit from our more comprehensive plans. Our next-tier plan at $79 a month includes 7-day in-home priority service along with the 30-minute response time and 24/7 support included in the Essentials plan. Calls include up to 1-hour response from our advanced support staff in case of urgent issues. Rates for service labor go down to $144 per hour. 


Expand your support further with our Proactive plan at $179 a month. Along with all the features included in the Priority plan, the Proactive plan includes remote system health management. Every smart device in your home is connected to our troubleshooting tools to monitor whether they're functioning correctly at all times. 

During our regular diagnostics, we’ll see if a device is disconnected, needs to be restarted, or needs a software update. Not only does this keep your system healthier for longer, but often we spot and address issues with your smart home technology before you even notice anything is wrong.

These troubleshooting tools will only let us see the status of the device, not how or when you use it, so you do not have to worry about any security or privacy concerns when using this feature.

Having an efficient and reliable smart home is about much more than having the best devices. Each of our installations comes with ongoing support so your technology is always performing at its best.

Do you want to learn more about our service plans or want help figuring out which is the best fit for your home? Ask one of our experts by calling (203) 653-5025 or filling out our online contact form. If you already now what you want, you can sign up online at our service plans page.