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What are my options for window treatments?

How to Choose the Right Shading System for your Greenwich, CT Home

What are my options for window treatments?

If you’ve seen advertisements for motorized shades, you’ve likely seen the roller shade style since it’s a popular choice for smart homes. But did you know that you can also enjoy the convenience of controlling your window treatments with a remote or mobile device for drapes, venetian blinds, honeycomb shades and more? When you work with Rich AV Design, you can pick from a variety of shade styles. So how do you choose? Here’s a list of the most common types. 

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Roller Shades

Roller shades consist of an aluminum tube with a motor inside that rolls a strip of fabric up and down. This style is a very popular choice among smart home owners because the motor can be hidden in the ceiling allowing the fabric to come down inside the window seamlessly. Roller shade fabrics also come in three different types: blackout, sheer, and translucent. To maintain privacy and block out the sun, use a blackout shade. For keeping a view of the outside areas and also reducing glare and heat gain, choose a sheer fabric. A double roller application will also allow you to use both types of fabrics on the same window. Press a button during the day to bring down the solar shade, and then later at night use the blackout shade to maintain a good night’s sleep.

Roman Shades

Roman shades operate in a similar fashion to roller shades except that the fabric comes up like an accordion because the cords or fabric bands wrap around the tube and lift the shades up. This style can add visual interest since it’s not simply a flat roll of fabric.

Drapery Track Systems

If you want a more classic and vintage look in your home, pick motorized draperies. You’ll get to keep that traditional curtains style but enjoy the convenience of using mobile controls. The fabric hangs from a motorized track that pulls the drapes from one side to the other, or opens them from the middle and pulls them back to each side. Motorized draperies can also work on a dual track system, so you can use both sheer and blackout fabrics on the same window.

Cellular Shades

This type is also known as “pleated shades” or “honeycomb shades.” It consists of at least two pieces of fabric. A small motor is inside the top of the headrail. It works similar to roman shades in that it pulls the fabric up by a cord that runs through the unit. As the shade rises, the fabric folds. The major difference here is that there are small pockets of air that run through the fabric which helps insulate your home during the winter time.

Venetian Blinds

Most people are familiar with venetian blinds which are typically made of plastic or wood. The slats of material are suspended by strips of cord and can be opened horizontally to let streams of light in. With the press of a button, the blinds will go up or down and even open the slats so they tilt and let some of the sunlight in. 

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