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The Top Considerations When Designing Your Home Theater

Options Abound When Considering Sound, Picture, and Lighting in Home Theater Design

The Top Considerations When Designing Your Home Theater

Have you decided it’s the year you’re going to turn your dreams of a home theater into a reality? If so, there are a few key elements every homeowner needs to consider for their home theater installation in Greenwich, CT.

Let’s take a look at the critical components and possible options below.

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Picture Perfect

Today’s world of high-performance video means that you have a lot to choose from when it comes to picture quality. One of the major decisions is if you'll go with a flat-screen TV or a projector. Today, both of these solutions come in 4K (and even 8K) ultra-high definition.

For those that want the big, big screen effect, it’s hard to beat today’s projectors that can create an image of 150” and beyond. For others that prefer ultra-bright picture and vibrant color on a slightly smaller screen or in a room that gets lots of ambient light, a large 4K or 8K TV may be the answer.  

Sound Solutions

When you think about the experience of watching a memorable movie, what comes to mind? Surprisingly, for many looking for the true cinematic experience, it’s not the picture-perfect clarity but the sound that surrounds and envelops.

To achieve cinematic perfection, you'll need to consider a few options. Do you want large floor-standing speakers that make a statement or hidden speakers in walls and ceilings? Our years of experience has led us to partner with a brand we consider innovators in premium architectural speakers—TruAudio—a company that stands by their promise of perfection with a lifetime warranty.

Now that you have speakers that deliver unprecedented quality and depth, you'll need to ensure that the sound doesn't reverberate throughout the room. To achieve this, we need to consider acoustics. Precise speaker placement, calibration of sound levels, and the use of sound-absorbing acoustic materials throughout the room come together to create the type of sound that immerses you in the moment.  

Of course, the type of screen, speakers, and placement will depend in large part on the layout of your room and the other components. Our home theater experts at Rich AV Design will be happy to look at your unique situation and make suggestions based on their years of experience.

Controlled Lighting  

For those of you that have a windowless room already picked out for your home theater, you’re one step closer to movie viewing perfection. However, for homeowners thinking of converting an existing space or opting for the flexibility of a media room, light may not be your friend.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution. Blackout motorized window shades can give your space a theater-like feel without having to board up and plaster over windows. When combined with your smart home automation system, you can select the "Movie" scene from your tablet or smartphone and watch as the blinds close, the lights dim, the movie and sound turn on, and the climate settles into a comfortable temperature. When it’s over, the lights slowly brighten to bring everyone back from their ultimate theater experience.

As a custom electronics and design integration company, we’ve designed home technology systems for multiple Fortune 500 and Fortune 50 CEOs. We’re dedicated to providing you with automated home solutions and home theaters that far exceed your expectations. For a complimentary consultation, contact Rich AV Design today.  


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