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The Best Boardroom for a Professional Office

Use Commercial Audio Video to Enhance Your Business

The Best Boardroom for a Professional Office

A boardroom has multiple purposes; it isn’t simply a place where people come to meet and discuss projects. The space may be used to make a conference call to a client across the globe, for special presentations, or to brainstorm new ideas. To create a multi-functional space, you need the right commercial audio and video solutions. Automation will not only make preparing the space fast and easy, but it will also open up new opportunities for your professional office. Continue reading to learn more.

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Professional Audio/Video

Quality speakers, screens, and TVs will make a big difference in your boardroom. Hi-fi audio will ensure that your team will hear everything loud and clear, and an HD or 4K projector and screen will make viewing presentations or video calls especially smooth. The benefit of working with a professional is that these components will be designed to blend in with the room instead of cluttering it up with cords, wires, and bulky equipment. Our team will install the appropriate speakers, place the projector overhead and the screen upfront so it can raise and lower smoothly and quietly. We can also install acoustic treatments to ensure there is no reverberation and sound proof to maintain privacy.

Lighting and Shading

While quality audiovisuals may seem like the most important factor, integrating lighting and shading into your boardroom can make a big difference. Not only will lighting and shading control help keep down energy costs all year long, but it will also make your room setup much more convenient. Hit open with a remote control and all the shades will go up at your command for a quick morning meeting. Use occupancy sensors in the office so that when everyone leaves the room, all the lights turn off. You’ll never have to worry about leaving lights on. Our team can also design an energy-saving system, so that your lights and shades work together to lower utility costs. The solar shades will come down during the hottest time of day and the lights will dim down 30%.

Boardroom Automation

The beauty of having a professional system installed is that you can prepare your boardroom in one touch. Hit “meeting” and the projector and screen will lower, the video conferencing system will turn on and the lights will turn on as well. Any scene can be created and customized to your needs, such as “presentation mode”, “conference call”.

If you’d like to install a high-tech, professional boardroom automation system, fill out this online contact form.