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Stick to Your Routine with Smart Home Automation

Allow Your Savant System to Align Your Daily Schedule

Stick to Your Routine with Smart Home Automation


What are your goals? Are you a consistent person? Whether you are type A or not, a smart home system can help you get on a routine and stay on target with your goals. From morning to night, your home will automatically turn devices on and off per your daily needs. Here is an example of what every day could look and feel like with smart home automation installed in your Greenwich, CT home.



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7 a.m.

Your Sonos wireless speaker turns on the top hits playlist from your Spotify account, waking you up gently as the volume gets louder gradually. At the same time, your blackout roller shades rise letting the sunlight in. As the light hits your face, you stretch your arms and slowly get out of bed. As soon as you get to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee, the TV is already on the local channel so you can catch the morning news, weather and traffic report.

8 a.m.

It’s time to hit the road for work. Once you’re in the driver’s seat, you touch the away button on your iPhone and the security alarm turns on, all the lights in the house turn off, the shades close, and the thermostat raises to save energy throughout the day. As you pull out of the driveway you know you didn’t forget to turn anything off, and if you did, your smart home will let you know immediately.

5 p.m.

As you pull into the driveway, you tap “Welcome Home” on your smartphone and walk inside. The security system is already off and your lights are on. You want to stick to your goals and do a home workout before dinner. You pick up the Savant remote and type in your personal code to access your favorites list. Then you press Wii to start your workout.

6 p.m.

It’s dinnertime! To set the scene for a relaxing dinner, you press the button on the wall labeled “Dining” and the dining room lights dim to 50% and your Sonos Play 5 turns on a jazz station from Pandora.

10 p.m.

All you have to say is “Goodnight” to put your house to sleep and get some beauty rest. With voice control your home is at the command of your voice. As your home goes dark, you can rest knowing it will wake you right on time the next day.

Now that you know what a day in the life of a smart home is like, let us know if any of these features interest you. Smart home automation can help you reach your goals and stay on track all year long no matter what the circumstance.

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