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New Features from Savant Systems

Enjoy New Smart Home Automation Controls from Savant

New Features from Savant Systems

Today, the tech market moves lighting fast. As soon as you finally get around to updating your smartphone, another new model is released. But you don’t have to worry about these changes in the smart home world when you have a professional, smart home automation installer by your side. Rich AV Design partners with the company Savant Systems to deliver the best and most recent smart home technology in the world to homeowners in the New Canaan, Connecticut area. Recently, they have released some new products we are excited about sharing with you. Continue reading to discover what’s new. 

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The Savant Remote

The latest buzz surrounds this new, incredible smart remote that not only controls your home theater system or media room, but your lighting and music system too. It has a sleek touchscreen towards the top of the device which can display your favorite channels and video sources, like DirecTV, Food Network, or Netflix. Or, you can start up any function with a voice command. Say, “ESPN” and the TV turns on the channel immediately. You can even save a unique user profile on the remote with a password so that it’s customized to your preferences. Every person in the family will get tailored treatment. You can sit back and relax on the couch, dim the lights down, choose a channel or key up your favorite music playlist instantly.

The Metropolitan Lighting Keypad

This is the first-ever lighting keypad that also has an audio volume control dial. Light switches, dimmers, fan control, and volume dial are all present on this easy-to-use wall keypad. Easily dim the lights down and set the volume of your audio system to a perfect level for a romantic dinner any night of the week. This is a must-have for any Savant smart home.

4K Home Entertainment

Savant is bringing 4K Ultra HD technology to homes across the world with new VIM and VOM cards. Once installed in your dedicated home theater or media room, they enable 4K switching so you can watch movies and shows in the best format available in any room.

Music Streaming Smart Host

This new gadget unlocks a single stream media server to give you access to your favorite streaming music services like TIDAL, DEEZER, and Pandora. You’ll be able to expand your music options and enjoy easy control through the Savant App for multi-room music.

Lamp Control

You can add a cozy ambiance to every room now with this plug-in lamp controller. Just plug in your lamp to it and raise and lower the lighting levels to meet your needs. Once in place and connected to your smart system, you can dim the light using the Savant Remote or Savant App on a mobile device.

Savant Wi-Fi Host and Blaster

The Savant Host doesn’t require any hard wiring or programming to function. After a quick setup, you can expand your Wi-Fi access throughout your home so you can enjoy wireless control of every feature. Couple this with the Savant Blaster and you can reach cable boxes, receivers, and other devices outside of the lines of sight of the Savant Remote.

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