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How to Monitor and Take Control of Your Home’s Air Quality

The Air Purification System by Pure365 Offers a Smart Way to Maintain Pure Indoor Air

How to Monitor and Take Control of Your Home’s Air Quality

How clean is your indoor air? You can’t tell by looking at it. Even if you dust the blinds, sweep the floors, and scrub the surfaces with disinfectants, the air in your home could be filled with contaminants. And this isn’t just about dust. Even though dust can cause allergy flareups and respiratory issues, other airborne pollutants are more toxic.

Take a breath of fresh air by cleaning your home with a state-of-the-art air purification system from Pure365. This advanced system not only removes 99% of indoor pollutants, but it lets you monitor, measure, and track many air quality variables in your Greenwich, CT, home. Keep reading to learn more about Pure365’s air purifier and air quality monitors.

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Give Your Indoor Air a Good Scrubbing

You may not know it, but your heating and AC systems don’t clean the air. Even though an air filter helps capture particles and prevents them from circulating in your home, it can’t catch everything. It’s the smaller particles that cause the biggest problems. An ordinary air filter cannot contain contaminants like bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Fortunately, the Pure365 whole-home air purification system uses state-of-the-art technology with microbial inhibition properties. That means it captures toxic particles and neutralizes them before they become a threat to you and your family. In fact, it is 40 times more efficient than a HEPA filter. Now, when you put your children to bed each night and then enjoy a drink with your spouse in your home theater, you can breathe easy knowing you have the purest air throughout your home.

Keep Tabs of the Air in Your Home

Would you like to know what’s in the air? With Pure365’s uHoo and Airthings Hub, you can! These leading air quality monitors use advanced sensors to track various aspects of your air. When you open the app, you’ll be able to track everything from carbon dioxide and VOCs to dust, ozone, and radon. The app allows you to view the readouts on your phone or smart home tablet. The air quality monitor also communicates with your smart thermostat to activate the HVAC system if pollution levels pass a certain pre-programmed threshold.

Best of all, it’s a 24/7 monitoring system you can access from anywhere in the world. Unlike a traditional air purifier, this one is smart and interactive. You’ll be able to take control of the air quality in your home to ensure a healthy and safe family.

Would you like to find out more about Pure365’s air purification system and air quality monitors? It’s easy to get started. Call Rich AV Design at (203) 653-5025, visit our online contact page, or click on the chatbox below for a consultation.