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How to Make Your Guests Feel Welcome with Home Automation

Use These Hosting Tips in Your Stamford, CT Home

How to Make Your Guests Feel Welcome with Home Automation

Some people just love to entertain, and if you enjoy being a host, then this will be a great article for you to read. Home automation is the perfect way to make your friends and family feel welcome when they come over your house in Stamford, CT. You can customize their room with audio, video, personalized controls and more. Read on to get our tips on hosting in a smart home.

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Welcome Them with Smart Amenities

Usually when you have special guests over you provide fresh, soft towels, clean linens, and make some snacks and drinks in their room. You can create that signature touch when your friends and family members stay with you using technology too. For example, when they arrive, get them familiar with your smart home by introducing them to voice control. For example, if they have a Tap in the room, they just have to press the top of the device and say, “Alexa, play Ella Fitzgerald’s greatest hits,” and the music will start streaming. Or show them how to set the morning alarm using Alexa too.

If you know what their favorite movies are, download them ahead of time in 4K resolution so if they want to stay up later watching a flick they can quickly and easily. Since our Savant systems are very easy to use, all they have to do is use a tablet in the room to change channels, adjust the volume, turn down the lights and even change the temperature. They will feel cozy and comfortable in their space, feeling like they are in a five-star hotel!


Use Hidden Technology to Impress Guests

Place a TV in your bed frame, behind a piece of artwork, or in the ceiling and watch your guests' jaws drop as the screen appears. We use motorized lifts, TV mirrors by Seura, enclosures, and custom AV furniture to hide technology. Put a TV in the bed frame or across from it behind a piece of artwork and your friends will have a memorable night enjoying movies while they're in bed. We can also install TVs in the bathroom mirror or shower so that they can watch the news or other programs as they get ready for the day. The audio system can be concealed as well by installing the speakers in the ceiling and painting over the grill to match the colors on the walls. They can play their favorite artist and not even know where the music is coming from.

Keep Visitors Safe, But in Control, with Smart Security


Another way to make your guests feel at ease is to keep them safe with a security system. Our smart locks allow you to create personalized odes for each user. You can even make them temporary, so if your friend is staying just for the weekend, his or her code will expire at midnight on Sunday. They can come and go as they please throughout the weekend using the code and not have to worry about losing a key or taking it with them on accident. If any of your visitors leave a door open on accident, you can open the Savant app on your phone and close it by pressing a button. Monitor the property using surveillance cameras while they are away and even keep an eye on them at home too. This feature is useful if you are renting out rooms too. If anything is stolen, you’ll know about it and can report the incident.

Do you host a lot of friends and family in your Stamford, CT home? We can tailor your property to make all of your guests feel welcome.

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