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How to Get a Custom Smart Shading Design

The Steps to Upgrading to Motorized Window Treatments

How to Get a Custom Smart Shading Design

We’ve discussed the benefits of motorized window treatments in the past including added security, functionality and style. Perhaps that's made you decide this technology is the perfect fit for your Stamford, CT home but you're not sure how to proceed. We understand that any addition - be it in new construction or retrofit - is a big decision. To make things easier, we’ve outlined our design and installation process below, so you know exactly what it takes to get a custom shading solution.

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 Initial Consultation 

As with all our technology services, all of our motorized window treatments are tailored made for each client. The first step would be a one-on-one meeting with you to gauge your needs, ideas, and preferences. There are a few things we want to decide during this initial meeting.

First, you’ll choose the model for each window. For some tips on which shades work best in each room, you can click here. The choices include venetian blinds, roller shades, and even drapes. As you choose the type of window treatment, you should also consider what fabric you want. Pick the colors and openness factor that make sense depending on style and function.

Then its time to get to the more technical aspects of your installation. Do you want your shades and blinds to be battery powered or hard-wired? We discuss the benefits of both options during this initial meeting. Finally, you’ll want to decide how you want to control your shades. Choose from elegant wall keypads, remote controls, sleek touchpads, or mobile apps.

Hardware Installation

Once we’ve agreed upon a plan for your motorized window treatments, it’s time to get to work. We’ll start by taking care of the basic framework of your installation. This includes adding the necessary mounting brackets and cutting shade tubes to the right size. During this time, we’d also add a cabling foundation if you’re going with a hard-wired solution.

Shade Preparation

While we work on that part of your installation, our partners will be working on your custom shades. They will cut and sew each model according to the tube measurements we establish during setup. If applicable, they'll also take care of any color matching needed to ensure shades match up with their surroundings. This process usually takes about 4-6 weeks.

Shade Installation

Once the shades are ready, we'll go back into the house and add them to the appropriate tracks or tubes. Since we've done the heavy work already, this part of the installation is relatively quick and not invasive.

Control Options

When the second half of the installation is complete, it’s time to finalize your control programming and test it thoroughly. We’ll make sure you can manage each model individually or simultaneously from the control devices you chose during your initial consultation. The last step is a quick tutorial on how to use everything.

At the end of this five-step process, you'll have a beautiful, intuitive custom-made shading solution in your home. If you're interested in scheduling a consultation to get started, call us at (203) 653-5025 or fill out our online contact form.