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How Can Your Children Benefit from Automated Shading?

Create a Safer, More Comfortable Environment for Your Kids

How Can Your Children Benefit from Automated Shading?

Over the years, parents have come up with hundreds of unique ways to child-proof their homes. Vowing to create the safest and most comfortable environment for their kids, they add parental controls to their TVs, secure cabinets and toilets, and even add humidifiers in their bedrooms. Even the most discerning parents, however, may be missing out on one crucial tool: automated shading.

Rarely more than a stylistic consideration, the right kind of shades can have a significant impact on your kids. As you read this blog, you’ll find out how automated shades make your Greenwich, CT home safer. Lots of other benefits come along with smarter control of your window treatments, including better sleep habits and added independence for your kids.


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Eliminate Safety Hazards

Like with most parenting decisions, safety should be top of mind. Cords are the primary control option for most shades. Having these cords around children is such a significant safety hazard, that most models include warning labels advising consumers of the risk. The Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Window Covering Manufacturing association are even working together to ensure 90 percent of all window coverings sold in the US in 2019 be cordless.

Because automated shades don't require a wand or cord to control them, they're ideal for homes with children. Choose to manage them via remotes, mobile apps, voice control, or dedicated touchpads. Automate changes through schedules or motion sensors. This approach is not only safer but more intuitive, allowing you to reap some of the benefits outlined below as well.

Improve Their Sleep Cycles

There is nothing more frustrating than light ruining your baby or toddler’s sleep schedule. Smart shades are an ideal way to create the perfect sleep environment for naptime. They close automatically when it’s time for your kid to get some rest, blocking out all sunlight to help them fall into a peaceful slumber. Have your smart shades lift automatically when it’s time for your child’s nap to end to discourage them from oversleeping and wreaking havoc on their nighttime routine.

Although these benefits are ideal for younger kids, they also help to create better sleeping habits as your kids grow older. With automated shading schedules, raise shades in the morning to help them ease out of bed when it’s time for school.

Give Them Independence

Relying on cords and wands isn't just dangerous for children, it's also quite inconvenient. More natural control will afford your kids added independence on your terms. Often, cords and wands may be too hard for them to reach. Do you remember the last time they couldn't figure it out and just pulled on the shades themselves?

Using remotes or touchpads, children can more easily adjust shades as needed throughout the house. Put control in their hands without giving up yours. Only give them access to the ones that you’re comfortable with them adjusting—like those in their rooms or general living areas.


Now is the best time to embrace an easy-to-install tech upgrade that not only makes your home kid-friendly but does so while enhancing your decor. To learn more about the benefits of automated shades or to set up a one-on-one consultation, call us at (203) 653-5025 or fill out our online contact form.