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Cozy Lighting For Your Home With Motorized Window Treatments

Discover How Installing Motorized Blinds Can Create the Lighting Design You Want for Your Home

Cozy Lighting For Your Home With Motorized Window Treatments

Home is more than just a house. It’s where we find rest and all the people and things we love. We share meals and laughs at our dining tables, snuggles on the couch on movie night, and long talks under the summer moonlight as you sit on your patio. We share some of life’s biggest moments in our homes. So it makes sense that the place you cherish the most feels as comfortable and cozy as you can make it. One of the factors that impact the look and feel of your home is lighting. Natural daylight is vital as a utility and for our physical health. But with motorized window treatments in your Greenwich home, you can create the look and feel you want to keep you and your family healthy and happy.

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Convenient Interfacing for Customizable Control

Letting in natural light is great but takes a bit of maintenance if you have traditional blinds. Early morning sunshine means lowering blinds in areas that are getting direct sunlight while opening others to get more of those indirect rays. And after you’ve adjusted them all to the right height, the sun has already moved again, and you need to go back and adjust for it again. This high maintenance design usually goes by the wayside in our busy lives, and we opt to either open the blinds nearest us at the moment or leave them all closed or open. But with motorized window treatments, you can adjust those early morning rays over Greenwich from your phone. Want to let in some light through the bedroom windows so everyone can wake up naturally? You can adjust it without ever leaving your room. With this kind of convenience, you can ensure that every space has the type of light just when you want it, any time of day.

Automated Scheduling for Optimal Lighting

Sitting in front of the fire in your chair and adjusting the shading in each room is pretty luxurious. But you can go a step further to achieve the perfect lighting design in your home when you integrate motorized window treatments into your lighting control systemTruly one of the most significant advantages of having a sophisticated home automation system like the ones from Savant is that it can be programmed to process information from every system in your house and integrate them to work for the good of your home. What that means in terms of lighting is that you can have your lighting system programmed so that artificial lighting systems operate in tandem with your shading, giving you a proper daylighting design for your home that is both healthier and more energy-efficient. 

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