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Can Your AV Distribution System Spark Joy in Your Home?

Technology Plays a Crucial Role in Decluttering Your Lifestyle

Can Your AV Distribution System Spark Joy in Your Home?

Everywhere you look, a new expert is proclaiming the fantastic benefits of tidying up your home. All you have to do is look to Marie Kondo's hit Netflix series or Francine Jay’s The Joy of Less bestseller. There’s a lot of focus on getting rid of things you don’t need, but just as important is finding the most efficient ways to use and store the things that are indispensable to you. 

That’s precisely where audio video distribution plays a vital role in your Stamford, CT home. The term audio video distribution may sound clunky, but its effect is the exact opposite. It lets you expand your entertainment choices while reducing the impact on your décor by following the tips outlined below. 

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Get Rid of Physical Media

As we embrace the digital era of entertainment, there's no reason to have a huge pile of CDs or DVDs sitting in the corner of your media room. Naturally, we’ll allow audiophiles an exception for their favorite vinyl collections. Decluttering is as simple as uploading your existing library into a dedicated media server which you can then access from anywhere in the house. 

Perhaps the most Kondo-approved AV distribution option is streaming. Enjoy thousands of titles without a dip in quality through services like Netflix, Fubo TV, Spotify, and Tidal. For the most part, you can do this without any additional equipment since these days most AV receivers, TVs and media servers have network capabilities. 

Embrace AV Over IP

Where do you want to have access to your entertainment? Limiting your clutter doesn’t have to mean limiting where you get to listen to music or watch movies. Our audio video distribution solutions let you easily share your content—whether it’s from a media server or Blu-ray player—throughout the house. 

AV over IP requires fewer components in each room and less wiring since you're sending your signals through the same cables you use for your network. You can even reduce the boxes in your rack since AV over IP lets you extend to 100s of zones without needing additional matrix switchers or receivers. 

Centralize Your Control 

Enhance your day-to-day lifestyle by reducing the clutter of remotes on your coffee table or bedside table. Handling your entertainment is seamless through the Savant Pro Remote, a mobile app, or dedicated touchpad. Even take advantage of hands-off control by integrating any voice assistant devices you have around like Google Home or Amazon Echo. 

Hide Away Your AV Gear 

As we mentioned, beyond removing items entirely, how you store the ones you need is just as important. Via dedicated AV closets you can hide most hardware in dedicated racks that stay out of sight then use your audio video distribution system to send the signals wherever they need to go. Even the equipment that does have to be in the room—like televisions or speakers—doesn’t have to be intrusive. 

Not only can you place speakers discreetly within walls and ceilings through architectural lines from the likes of Stealth Acoustics, but there are various ways to conceal TVs as well when they’re not in use. Some can be hidden within dedicated media furniture or niches in the ceiling. Another route is to have TVs camouflage themselves as works of arts or mirrors when they’re off. 

AV distribution streamlines your décor and lifestyle to bring the ultimate joy to your entire family. Do you want to bring a tailored AV solution into your home? All you have to do is call us at (203) 653-5025 or fill out our contact form to set up a consultation.