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Boardroom Design for Better Business Communications

The Modern Boardroom Provides the Technology to Make Meetings More Efficient and Profitable

Boardroom Design for Better Business Communications

The last year’s predicament has seen a scaled-back use of office space and, by extension, a dedicated conference/board room. While the use of remote meeting tools will invariably be with us for the foreseeable future, the need for comprehensive physical meeting space will return.

A well-executed boardroom design provides several advantages to a remote-only meeting. The technology allows you and your ideas to have more presence and impact. Having centralized spaces to gather has measurable benefits for increasing focus and enhancing collaboration.

Are you interested in installing a boardroom that meets the needs of your Stamford, CT business collaboration today? Read more below.

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See Me, Hear Me

Communication is at the core of any boardroom; it is a dedicated space to gather to share ideas and solve problems. Your team may craft the ultimate sales pitch or product idea, but if the people on the other end cannot see or hear you clearly, it is a lost opportunity.

Body language and non-verbal cues we use to express concepts and forthrightness are essential in negotiations and discussions. Ultra-high-definition cameras and flat-panel screens make every detail crystal clear. 4K, with its millions of pixels, infinite color spectrum, and high-dynamic-range contrast levels, means you will never miss the point or expression.

Good audio imparts authority and trust. We have all had the experience of listening to folks on the other end who speak gathered sound a simple speakerphone. The audio is garbled, masked by excessive room noise, resulting in people continually repeating themselves. Meeting attendees should be focused on your words and concepts, not distracting background noise. Dedicated microphones and processing that automatically focus on the main speaker reduce distracting noise and make the right voice more present. 

Presentations Perfected

The purpose of boardroom meetings is to clearly present concepts to your partners across town or across the world. Having standardized formats can help reduce the need for interface equipment; people often work with different platforms as they provide the tools that spark creativity. It is beneficial to have the flexibility to present from whiteboards, BYOD, and online presentation tools in a highly dynamic business.

Furnishing presenters with the ability to connect ‘natively’ from their own devices avoids the hassle of requiring a preliminary upload and makes pitches app agnostic. Incorporating wired and wireless connections enable quick and easy switching between presenters; no more awkward or fumbling transitions.

It is not uncommon to craft solutions or explanations of a concept in real-time.  Without prepared materials, you need to express these with drawings and notes. Connected whiteboards furnish the means to share with all participants near and far. When the meeting has been completed, all attendees can retrieve copies of the presentations and notes from a password protected server.

Connect with Confidence

The vital backbone of business communications is the data network. Having faith that your connections are free from the dreaded buffering issues and are safe from prying eyes is a top priority. You want to be assured that the network installed is an enterprise-class level system built to accommodate audio-video, digital signage, and standard business operations.

We install, implement, and manage boardroom designs that make your meetings constructive and profitable.