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5 Ways to Go Green with Smart Home Automation

How to Use a Savant System to Save Energy

5 Ways to Go Green with Smart Home Automation

To “go green” you need to put a lot of effort into changing your lifestyle and daily routine. Small things like turning unused lights off need to become a part of your consciousness. But what if we told you it could all happen automatically? Smart home automation helps you save energy by giving you the tools and controls you need to let it happen easily. So if you live in the Darien, Connecticut area and would like to know how to go green with today’s newest technology, continue reading this special edition of our blog. 

1. Install Motion Sensors

According to Lutron, occupancy/vacancy sensors can save between 20-60% on lighting energy costs. We all know it can be hard to remember to turn off the lights, especially if you live in a big home, have a busy schedule, or have many family members moving from room to room. We can install motion sensors in key places so that you don’t have to worry about leaving the lights on and wasting electricity. Smart sensors can detect if a person has left the room and then turn the light off. 

2. Invest in a Smart Thermostat

Air conditioning or central heat can account for 25 to 40% of energy usage in the home, so it’s important to stay in complete control of this area. Savant has a wireless thermostat that can be integrated into your smart home system. Since it is a WiFi-enabled thermostat, you can change the temperature of your home from a smartphone or other wireless device. In addition, it has an HVAC scheduler, which responds to the outside temperature, season, or time of day. With so much control, you can program your thermostat to set temperatures to save energy, yet stay comfortable any time of the year.

3. Create Special Settings with Savant’s App

Whether you are leaving the house in the morning for work, or are going to the Hamptons on vacation, a control system can help you reduce wasted energy while you’re away. Our team can help you create and save special settings using the Savant app on a tablet that allows you to turn off lights, set the alarm, and adjust the temperature by pressing one button when you leave. The system can be customized so you can save it under fun titles like “The Daily Grind” or “Honey I’m Home”.

4. Use Dimmers

According to Lutron, simply adding dimmers to your house can save you up to 20% on energy. Savant’s Metropolitan lighting line gives you incredible control with a modern look. Wall plates look stylish while giving you easy access to the lights. Remote controls via your smartphone allows you to schedule the lights to dim at special times of day or for parties.

5. Give Back to a Good Cause

When you have the right smart system in place, you not only save energy –thereby conserving precious resources – but you also save money. Using dimmers, occupancy sensors, and smart thermostats can save you hundreds of dollars a year that would have gone to your utility bill. At the end of the year, you could donate the money to a charity that supports preserving our world.

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