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3 Ways You Can Use Home Automation to Enhance Your Health!

Rich AV Design can show you plenty of opportunities to elevate your health and wellness—just by enjoying your home.

3 Ways You Can Use Home Automation to Enhance Your Health!

We’ve been talking a lot about home health recently, with all the wellness gadgets released at CES 2019 and the hyped technologies trickling in, such as smart mirrors, refrigerators, wearables and more. But what are some more practical home automation tools that will benefit your health right after installation? Maybe you even have some technology installed but need some pointers about how to optimize it for your body’s needs.

Home automation gives Greenwich, CT, residents the most effortless way to improve their wellbeing. Health and wellness initiatives often feel like an uphill battle, with all the emphasis on diets, exercise programs, routines and doctor visits. But did you know that you could boost mental and physical health just by automating basic home functions? Keep reading to see how Rich AV Design takes the guesswork out of health.

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Lighting Control

Humans operate best by following their circadian rhythm, which dictates that they work during daylight hours and start resting when the sun sets. Our partners at Ketra create programmable lighting control that solves both our day and night-time lighting deficits by giving us high-energy, cool light during the day and warmer illumination at night. The technology automatically and discreetly changes lighting tone and brightness throughout the day.

We can’t enjoy our peak health without lighting automation. Why? Long nights at work, coupled with prolonged exposure to cool lighting, rarely give our bodies the mental and physical break we deserve. Without lighting tuned to warm-dim with the sun, our mind doesn’t stimulate enough melatonin to relax and sleep at night, leaving us tired the next day. When we wake up, we need more blue-toned lighting surrounding us to power through our task list with mental clarity—and the cycle continues.

Temperature Management

Similarly, your body needs a different temperature based on daytime, your overall health, activity level and more. Your climate controls should act accordingly. Fortunately, the Savant Multistat system uses zoned climate management so that you can easily manage multiple rooms from one device and tie temperature control to any scene you set.

Keeping your temperature consistent throughout the house helps prevent respiratory distress. But did you know that the rooms in your home can vary widely in temperature depending on its access to sunlight? That’s where the flexible Savant system proves helpful. About 80% of incoming sunlight converts to heat, so Rich AV can set a sunny space a few degrees cooler than your home theater so that your body temperature feels consistent as you move through rooms.


To take it further, Savant allows you to set room temperature based on time of day, day of week or day of the year, scheduling climate control routines to suit your life across the seasons. As we mentioned before, Multistat links your temperature monitoring to scenes. What does that mean for you? Every time you hit the “Relax” scene, your temperature will drop a few degrees and light a fire. You can also program a “Wake Up” scene that heats the floors on winter mornings.

Humidity Monitors

Since Americans spend about 90% of their time indoors, we can’t disregard air quality when planning healthier smart homes. Savant’s Multistat doesn’t only measure the air temperature, but also the humidity. Though Connecticut residents don’t experience the muggiest summers in the U.S. states, midsummer days can make our interior air feel damp and heavy. As part of their comprehensive HVAC system, Savant’s sensors automatically stabilize these humidity levels so you can breathe easily again in your home.


An Exciting Future Ahead

We saw some fascinating updates on the CES 2019 show floor, from smart refrigerators that can automate food storage temperatures or track nutrition, to a smart mirror that gives you vital health measurements every time you step into the bathroom.

Though this type of tech hasn’t spread to the majority of smart homes, Rich AV Design can’t wait to see where the future takes us. As Savant dealers, we’ve seen firsthand the many devices that our favorite automation system can handle and look forward to what we can connect soon.

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