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Why do I Need a New Network in My Smart Home?

3 Reasons Why Your Home Needs a Professional Network Installation

Why do I Need a New Network in My Smart Home?


Have you ever lived in a big city with a lot of traffic? Often these areas have problems because the highways can’t support the massive population. There just aren’t big enough roads to facilitate all that travel into the city. No only do you need a bigger highway, but more ways of getting to the destination. The same thing happens when you own a smart home but have a standard wireless internet connection. Why is that? In this blog we are going to explain why you need a new home network—just from living in a smart home in the Greenwich, CT area.


TAGS: home network | wireless technology

3 Ways to Hide a TV in a Media Room

Customize Your Home with Media Room Design

3 Ways to Hide a TV in a Media Room


Who says you have to make the TV the focal point in the room? Typically, families arrange all of the furniture and décor around the screen, but you have other options. Hide the TV and then you can focus on the interior design of the room without having to worry bout the technology disrupting the style. There are a number of ways to hide a TV, so keep reading to find out how we can design a media room in your Darien, CT home.


TAGS: Media Rooms | Smart Home Automation

How Do Shades Affect My Home’s Temperature?

A Guide to Controlling Your Home’s Climate with Window Treatments

How Do Shades Affect My Home’s Temperature?


You add window treatments to your Stamford, CT home because you want privacy, you may want to block out the light in the mornings you want to sleep in, or for style. But did you know that motorized shades can affect the temperature of your house? Here’s a guide on how to use your shades to change the climate using technology.


Stick to Your Routine with Smart Home Automation

Allow Your Savant System to Align Your Daily Schedule

Stick to Your Routine with Smart Home Automation


What are your goals? Are you a consistent person? Whether you are type A or not, a smart home system can help you get on a routine and stay on target with your goals. From morning to night, your home will automatically turn devices on and off per your daily needs. Here is an example of what every day could look and feel like with smart home automation installed in your Greenwich, CT home.


TAGS: Savant | Smart Home Automation